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Table 1 Patients’ profile

From: Our experience of the novel “flexible stylet method” for insertion of PD catheter in eight high-risk patients

Case Age Gender Primary CKD Comorbidity
1 83 F Cardiorenal syndrome type 2 Bronchial asthma: since 62 years old
Necrosis of left knee joint: 73 years old
Stenosis of lumber spinal canal: since 75 years old
Chronic heart failure: since 77 years old
Pacemaker implantation for sick sinus syndrome: 79 years old
Idiopathic thrombocythemia: since 80 years old
Non-functioning parathyroid tumor: since 81 years old
2 82 M Cardiorenal syndrome type 2 Pemphigoid: since 55 years old
Replacement of mitral and aortic valves: 56 years old
Endoscopic mucosal resection for sigmoid cancer: 64 years old
Chronic heart failure: since 72 years old
Pelvic irradiation (70 Gy in total) for rectal cancer: 74 years old
Hepatitis B virus-related liver cirrhosis: since 75 years old
Constrictive pericarditis: since 81 years old
Pacemaker implantation for bradycardiac atrial fibrillation: 81 years old
3 81 F Nephrosclerosis Total hysterectomy for uterine myoma: 40 years old
Diabetes mellitus and hypertension: since 54 years old
Right oophorectomy for right ovarian cancer: 70 years old
Left cerebral ischemic stroke: 81 years old
4 68 M IgA nephropathy Initiation of hemodialysis: 48 years old
Atrial fibrillation: since 65 years old
Bleeding tendency due to liver cirrhosis: since 66 years old
Massive ascites due to liver cirrhosis: since 67 years old
5 63 M Chronic glomerulonephropathy Partial hepatectomy (donor of liver transplantation): 53 years old
Left inguinal hernia surgery: 62 years old
Impaired cardiac function due to undetermined etiology: since 63 years old
6 67 M Myeloma kidney Chronic heart failure: since 57 years old
Bleeding tendency due to warfarin usage: since 57 years old
Multiple myeloma accompanying AL amyloidosis: since 62 years old
Implantation surgery of implantable cardiovascular defibrillator: 65 years old
Severe orthostatic hypotension: since 66 years old
7 79 M Diabetic nephropathy Bilateral peroneal nerve palsy: 60 years old
Hemorrhagic stroke: 70 years old
Abdominal wall hernia surgery: 73 years old
8 71 M Diabetic nephropathy Open cholecystectomy for cholecystolithiasis: 35 years old