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Table 18 Prevalent PD patient counts, by PD fluid changing maneuver, 2016

From: Annual Dialysis Data Report 2016, JSDT Renal Data Registry

  Manual exchange Devices using UV irradiation Devices using heat sterilization Other devices including semi-automated Subtotal Unspecified No information available Total
Patients (%) 1258 (27.1) 2478 (53.4) 775 (16.7) 129 (2.8) 4640 (100.0) 19 2272 6931
  1. Values in parentheses under each figure represent the percentage relative to the subtotal in each row. The above data were obtained from the patient survey. Population: PD patients excluding PD + HD combination
  2. Abbreviations: HD hemodialysis, PD peritoneal dialysis