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Table 1 Laboratory data at the time of CES diagnosis

From: Cholesterol embolization syndrome and intra-abdominal bleeding immediately after initiation of hemodialysis: a case report with literature review

Laboratory test Value
 Urine specific gravity 1.010
 Urine protein (1+)
 Urine occult blood (–)
 Urine sugar (1+)
Urine chemistry
 Urine protein, g/g of creatinine 0.34
Urine sedimentation
 Red blood cells, /high power field < 1
 White blood cells, /high power field < 1
Complete blood cell counts
 White blood cells, /μL 8170
 Eosinophils, /μL 610
 Red blood cells, /μL 275 × 104
 Hemoglobin, g/dL 8.7
 Platelets, /μL 14.6 × 104
Serum chemistry
 Total protein, g/dL 6.8
 Albumin, g/dL 3.6
 Aspartate aminotransferase, IU/L 19
 Alanine aminotransferase, IU/L 35
 Lactate dehydrogenase, IU/L 227
 Blood urea nitrogen, mg/dL 89
 Creatinine, mg/dL 8.2
 Total cholesterol, mg/dL 198
 Low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, mg/dL 133
 High-density lipoprotein cholesterol, mg/dL 16
 Triglyceride, mg/dL 162
 Sodium, mEq/L 134
 Potassium, mEq/L 4.5
 Chloride, mEq/L 103
 Calcium, mg/dL 8.6
Serum immunological test
 Hemoglobin A1c, % 6.7
 C-reactive protein, mg/dL 0.49
 Antinuclear antibody Negative
 Myeloperoxidase anti-neutrophil cytoplasmatic antibody Negative
 Anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody Negative