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Table 4 Cox regression analysis for the association between high leukocyte ratios and all-cause mortality in the study population

From: Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio and platelet-to-lymphocyte ratio as risk factors for mortality in Peruvian adults with chronic kidney disease

Exposures Crude analysis Adjusted analysis*
HR 95% CI p value HR 95% CI p value
Normal Ref Ref
High 2.01 (1.11–3.66) 0.02 1.97 (1.05–3.69) 0.03
Normal Ref Ref
High 2.58 (1.31–5.20) 0.02 2.62 (1.25–5.51) 0.01
  1. Bolded values indicate that the CDK stage is not included due to collinearity with serum creatinine
  2. HR hazard ratio, CI confidence interval, NLR neutrophil–lymphocyte ratio, PLR platelet–lymphocyte ratio
  3. *Adjusted for age, sex, serum creatinine, albumin and hemoglobin