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  1. Case Report

    What has changed in kidney transplantation in small islands in Japan? Experience in our center

    Okinoerabu Island and Tokunoshima Island lie in the sea to the south of the Japanese mainland, about 100 km north of Okinawa and about 500 km south of Kyushu. There are no facilities that specialize in kidney ...

    Hajime Hirano, Ryoichi Maenosono, Tomohisa Matsunaga, Hirofumi Uehara, Hayahito Nomi, Takuya Tsujino, Naoki Tanda, Kenkichi Saito, Taizo Uchimoto, Naokazu Ibuki, Teruo Inamoto, Yoshihiro Tokeshi and Haruhito Azuma

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:46

    Published on: 22 September 2017

  2. Research

    Modified A-DROP score and mortality in hemodialysis patients with pneumonia

    Pneumonia is common in hemodialysis (HD) patients and has a poor prognosis, but there is little information on an accurate method for evaluating the severity of pneumonia, which is closely associated with prog...

    Makoto Harada, Takeshi Masubuchi, Kazuaki Fujii, Yukifumi Kurasawa, Tohru Ichikawa and Mamoru Kobayashi

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:39

    Published on: 8 September 2017

  3. Research

    Long-term iron accumulation in dialysis patients treated with ferric citrate hydrate: a single-center, 80-week retrospective study in Japan

    Ferric citrate hydrate (FCH), an iron-based phosphate binder, affects mineral and iron metabolism in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). The long-term impact of FCH on iron overload is unknown. With th...

    Maki Hiratsuka, Katsushi Koyama, Kinya Sengo, Jun Yamamoto, Aiko Narita, Chiharu Ito, Satoshi Kominato, Arata Hibi, Keisuke Kamiya, Rumi Miyahara, Junichi Fujikawa and Toshiyuki Miura

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:37

    Published on: 5 September 2017

  4. Research

    Causative organisms and outcomes of peritoneal dialysis-related peritonitis in Sarawak General Hospital, Kuching, Malaysia: a 3-year analysis

    Peritoneal dialysis peritonitis remains a significant cause of morbidity for peritoneal dialysis patients and the main reason for conversion from peritoneal dialysis to hemodialysis. As the characteristics of ...

    Vui Eng Phui, Clare Hui Hong Tan, Chee Kean Chen, Kee Hoe Lai, Kwek Foong Chew, Hock Hin Chua, Laura Lui Sian Ngu and Lawrence Wei Soon Hii

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:35

    Published on: 16 August 2017

  5. Research

    Significance of new membrane formation in peritoneal biopsies of peritoneal dialysis patients: a case–control study

    Newly formed membrane (NFM) on the peritoneal membrane proper is a unique pathological hallmark of encapsulating peritoneal sclerosis (EPS), but its definition and diagnostic significance have not been well de...

    Kazuho Honda, Chieko Hamada, Kunio Kawanishi, Masaaki Nakayama, Masanobu Miyazaki and Yasuhiko Ito

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:33

    Published on: 9 August 2017

  6. Research

    Presepsin is a potent biomarker for diagnosing skin wound infection in hemodialysis patients compared to white blood cell count, high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, procalcitonin, and soluble CD14

    The production of presepsin has been shown to be strongly related to bacterial phagocytosis. The purpose of the present study is to compare the usefulness of presepsin for diagnosing localized skin wound infec...

    Jun Shiota, Hitoshi Tagawa, Norihiko Ohura and Hitoshi Kasahara

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:31

    Published on: 2 August 2017

  7. Research

    Relationship between mortality and Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index (GNRI) at the time of dialysis initiation: a prospective multicenter cohort study

    The Geriatric Nutritional Risk Index (GNRI) is a nutritional screening method primarily developed for elderly people; it is also reported to be useful for predicting mortality in patients on maintenance dialys...

    Akihito Tanaka, Daijo Inaguma, Hibiki Shinjo, Minako Murata and Asami Takeda

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:27

    Published on: 24 July 2017

  8. Research

    A new polymethylmetacrylate membrane improves the membrane adhesion of blood components and clinical efficacy

    Hemodialysis with polymethylmetacrylate (PMMA) membrane dialyzers allows unique protein adsorption. New PMMA dialyzers should demonstrate equivalent protein adsorption, but improved hemocompatibility.

    Ikuto Masakane, Shiho Esashi, Asami Yoshida, Tetsuro Chida, Hiroaki Fujieda, Yoshiyuki Ueno and Hiroyuki Sugaya

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:32

    Published on: 17 July 2017

  9. Research

    The optimal timing of continuous renal replacement therapy according to the modified RIFLE classification in critically ill patients with acute kidney injury: a retrospective observational study

    Acute kidney injury (AKI) requiring continuous renal replacement therapy (CRRT) is associated with high mortality in critically ill patients. However, the optimal timing to initiate CRRT in patients with AKI i...

    Jun Suzuki, Tetsu Ohnuma, Hidenori Sanayama, Kiyonori Ito, Takayuki Fujiwara, Hodaka Yamada, Alan Kawarai Lefor and Masamitsu Sanui

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:30

    Published on: 10 July 2017

  10. Research

    Association between chronic kidney disease and physical activity level in patients with ischemic heart disease

    Although it is believed that chronic kidney disease (CKD) in patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD) negatively affects physical activity after discharge, its actual influence on the physical activity of pa...

    Ryota Matsuzawa, Takashi Masuda, Kentaro Kamiya, Nobuaki Hamazaki, Kohei Nozaki, Shinya Tanaka, Emi Maekawa and Junya Ako

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:28

    Published on: 30 June 2017

  11. Review

    Microparticles in kidney diseases: focus on kidney transplantation

    Microparticles are small (0.1–1 μm), extracellular vesicles that are used as diagnostic and prognostics markers of kidney diseases and kidney transplantation. They contain cytoplasm and surface markers of thei...

    Fateme Shamekhi Amiri

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:24

    Published on: 23 June 2017

  12. Review

    Urinary excretion of liver-type fatty acid-binding protein reflects the severity of sepsis

    Sepsis due to microbial invasion often causes multiple organ failure (MOF), including acute kidney injury (AKI), with high mortality rates in serious cases. Hence, there is an urgent need for diagnostic biomar...

    Eiichi Sato, Atsuko Kamijo-Ikemori, Tsuyoshi Oikawa, Aya Okuda, Takeshi Sugaya, Kenjiro Kimura, Tsukasa Nakamura and Yugo Shibagaki

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:26

    Published on: 16 June 2017

  13. Review

    Psychonephrology in Japan

    Psychonephrology is the field of study encompassing nephrology, psychiatry, and psychosomatic medicine, which is based on the concept of consultation-liaison within the biopsychosocial model of mind–body unity...

    Yoichi Ohtake

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:25

    Published on: 9 June 2017

  14. Position statement

    2015 Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy: Guidelines for Renal Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease

    Renal anemia is a complication of chronic kidney disease. Guidelines for safe and effective treatment in patients with renal anemia are needed. The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy (JSDT) published guidel...

    Hiroyasu Yamamoto, Shinichi Nishi, Tadashi Tomo, Ikuto Masakane, Kazuhide Saito, Masaomi Nangaku, Motoshi Hattori, Takahiro Suzuki, Satoshi Morita, Akira Ashida, Yasuhiko Ito, Takahiro Kuragano, Yasuhiro Komatsu, Ken Sakai, Yoshiharu Tsubakihara, Kazuhiko Tsuruya…

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:36

    Published on: 8 June 2017

  15. Research

    Factors associated with employment in patients undergoing hemodialysis: a mixed methods study

    For patients undergoing hemodialysis, continuing in labor is very challenging and many patients have difficulty in current and/or previous workplaces. The objective of the present study is to clarify the deter...

    Hideyo Tsutsui, Kyoko Nomura, Aya Ishiguro, Yoshinari Tsuruta, Sawako Kato, Yoshinari Yasuda, Shunya Uchida and Yoshiharu Oshida

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:23

    Published on: 2 June 2017

  16. Research

    Timing-adjusted iron dosing enhances erythropoiesis-stimulating agent-induced erythropoiesis response and iron utilization

    We recently demonstrated, using an index of recently synthesized hemoglobin, reticulocyte hemoglobin (Ret-Hb), that iron administration remarkably improves hemoglobin (Hb) synthesis during the period of high a...

    Tomoyuki Kawano, Tadashi Kuji, Tetsuya Fujikawa, Eiko Ueda, Midori Shino, Satoshi Yamaguchi, Toshimasa Ohnishi, Kouichi Tamura, Nobuhito Hirawa and Yoshiyuki Toya

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:20

    Published on: 22 May 2017

  17. Position statement

    Annual peritoneal dialysis report 2014, the peritoneal dialysis registry

    Since 2009, the peritoneal dialysis (PD) registry has been carried out as part of Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy (JSDT) Renal Data Registry with the cooperation of Japanese Society for Peritoneal Dialys...

    Ikuto Masakane, Takeshi Hasegawa, Satoshi Ogata, Naoki Kimata, Shigeru Nakai, Norio Hanafusa, Takayuki Hamano, Kenji Wakai, Atsushi Wada and Kosaku Nitta

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:21

    Published on: 15 May 2017

  18. Position statement

    Policy for developing clinical practice guidelines of Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy

    The Scientific Academy Committee of Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy (JSDT) has developed 14 clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) and their revised editions independently or in cooperation with other organ...

    Kosaku Nitta, Ikuto Masakane, Tadashi Tomo, Kenji Tsuchida, Kiyoshi Ikeda, Tomonari Ogawa, Eiichiro Kanda, Yoshihiko Kanno, Yasuhiro Komatsu, Masatomo Taniguchi, Fumika Taki, Takeshi Hasegawa, Norio Hanafusa, Takayuki Hamano, Masafumi Fukagawa, Jun Minakuchi…

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:34

    Published on: 11 May 2017

  19. Review

    Peritonitis-induced peritoneal injury models for research in peritoneal dialysis review of infectious and non-infectious models

    Peritonitis is an important complication of peritoneal dialysis. Several animal peritonitis models have been described, including bacterial and fungal models that are useful for studying inflammation in perito...

    Yasuhiko Ito, Hiroshi Kinashi, Takayuki Katsuno, Yasuhiro Suzuki and Masashi Mizuno

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:16

    Published on: 1 May 2017

  20. Research

    Efficacy of Saxagliptin versus Mitiglinid in patients with type 2 diabetes and end-stage renal disease

    There are very few oral antidiabetic drugs recommended for patients on dialysis. Saxagliptin is known for its potent effect and long duration of action. In this study, we compared the efficacy of Saxagliptin w...

    Yukinao Sakai, Saori Sakai, Koji Mugishima, Anna Katayama, Yuichiro Sumi, Yusuke Otsuka, Tomoyuki Otsuka and Shuichi Tsuruoka

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:15

    Published on: 24 April 2017

  21. Case Report

    Poor glycemic control attributable to insulin antibody in a fulminant type 1 diabetes patient under hemodialysis: successful treatment with double filtration plasmapheresis and prednisolone

    Insulin antibody appears in approximately 40% of insulin users using human insulin and insulin analog formulations. Insulin antibody, characterized by high affinity and low insulin antibody binding capacity (%...

    Kentaro Wada, Haruhito A. Uchida and Yuko Wada

    Renal Replacement Therapy 2017 3:14

    Published on: 17 April 2017

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